Eucalyptus & Hops Infused Shower Melt

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**UPDATE** As many of you know, Beer Feelings HQ recently moved from Colorado to New England. The humidity has transformed our Eucalyptus & Hops Infused Shower Melts into Eucalyptus & Hops Infused Shower Powder. We promise that you'll still love them! The shower powder will still help you have an aromatherapy session like none other, but as a gift for going on this journey with us, we are offering these at a lower price point while we work on the reformulation. Thanks for being a loyal Beer Feelings fan!


Breathe in and breathe out. Let your stress dissolve with a Eucalyptus & Hops Infused Shower Melt.

Avoid putting these guys directly in the stream of water or they will dissolve too quickly. Instead, put it on the edge of your shower and let the water bouncing off you activate the aromatherapy.

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), corn starch, bentonite clay, hops, eucalyptus essential oil